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so fucking hot!!!!!!!!!

Wow. This is good

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Still a favorite…. 

Email for the full version of this scene.


proximity : owen // vex 

a test of the idea of “safe for work” - the internet defines ‘sexual’ and therefore ‘unacceptable’ by arbitrary levels of nudity. In response to the vilification of naked bodies, in this teaser the full uncensored video has been stripped of deemed explicit content but the eroticism remains, technically making it sfw.

music : paramount - sorrows 

for this and other four chambers videos in full

more owen

So beautiful.

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It sure did :-)


A friend of mine posted this to my facebook wall today and it made me smile.

I thought maybe it could make you smile, too.  x)


Everyone shut up and watch this 49 second unaired clip of Whose Line where we see Colin officially lose his mind.






and then…….


😂😂😂😂 this is why you’re not allowed to drink at Christmas parties


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Lovely masturbation video. Good for Sunday or any day 


Not gonna lie…. I came hard ;)

So juicy


sweet juice


Friday night masturbation


Teaser ;)


Done this a few times

Amazing customer service


WestJet are always thinking outside of the box. 

Yeah…many LOL’s sprinkled with a few LMAO’s


this made me LOL and then I watched it again and LOLed some more

mismatchedmama asked
As a fellow squirter, I agree and reblogged your post about squirt vs. pee. Now if only I could locate that video you mention. I'm sure it's hot. Do you have a link, darling?


Absolutely!! :D

Here is the first one:

And here’s a gushing one:

And this time I squirted, this happened first:

And then this happened:

I fucking love watching these videos so I really hope you enjoy it, honey! High five for squirting!! :D

We gotta stick together. 

xo - Mrs.

Must watch videos. What an incredible and insatiable couple. WOW.